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your source for Commercial Mortgages & sba loans                      consultant to the credit union and community bank industry

Helping Financial Institutions Offer Profitable Sound Business Loans

The financial industry has endured several changes; mergers and acquisitions, the economy, and the regulatory environment.  For financial institutions to remain competitive and maintain yield margins, they need to explore the need to offer business loan services, but entering or growing a sound profitable business lending product line that measures risk and reward appropriately is challenging. That's where our team of experts comes in.

JEM Business Innovative Solutions (JEMBIS)
is organized under the State of Florida.  Mr. Machado, its founder, has brought his 29 years plus of experience in commercial and small business lending including managing lending units for organizations such as Bank of Boston, BankBoston, Fleet Bank, Banco Popular, The Community's Bank and Fairwinds Credit Union, to start JEMBIS in order to promote sound business lending practices in the industry.

Several Community Banks and Credit Unions have entered into business lending because of its higher yield returns without a complete understating of the risk involved, and how to appropriately mitigate those risks through the implementation of a well thought-out business loan policy for the institutions' niche and risk tolerance, underwriting guidelines for the specific type of business lending, risk based pricing parameters, sound ALLL methodologies, accurate risk rating methodologies that measure the risk trends in the loan portfolio, and a complete understanding of the regulatory components involved. There have been a record number of Bank and Credit Union failures, many of which can be traced to poor business loan decisions, processes or the understanding of the risks. 

Many institutions fell into the trap of entering the business lending arena without having the appropriate infrastructure in place.  Many of the business lenders hired were sales people which lacked formal credit training and experience in the complete management of the business loan process required to manage business risk. 

A sound business loan program requires a complete overall process that manages and mitigates risk of default and risk of loss which affect yield and return.



JEMBIS Consulting is focused on assisting Credit Unions and Community Banks venture successfully into business 
lending, or maintain a sound business lending program.


  -  See our offering to Credit Unions and Community Banks under Consulting Services or contact us at:


             Tel - (407) 902-5392  or Efax - (407) 650-3370

JEM Business Innovative Solutions 
is also your business lending source for loans through our
JemBiz Loan Products

JemBiz Loans provide an alternative source for loan niches not presently offered by your financial institution.  JemBiz Loans are available to companies in business a minimum of two (2) years and include:

  • SBA Loans (7a, Express, 504, CAP LOC)
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Commercial Investment Real Estate Loans,
  • Asset Based Lines (ABL)
  • Church Mortgages, and 
  • Quick Short Term Loans for Retailers and Retail type companies. (App to close in 5 days)

  - See our JemBiz Loans offering





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